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Medicompts, Inc.

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Medicompts is a medical billing specialist, providing full-service medical billing expertise to physicians in the Massachusetts and New England region.

As the insurance and healthcare industries become more nuanced and complex, and the day-to-day challenges facing physician practices grow, Medicompts continually adapts its approach and technology to ensure our physician clients maximize their receivables. Since our founding in 1968, we have consistently delivered on this promise to medical billing clients : You will do better with Medicompts.


For Medicompts' medical billing clients, we provide Patient Scheduling Services at no additional cost.

Medicompts understands and appreciates the time constraints under which our clients' staff work. Between the daily flow of scheduled patients, the inevitable surprise of unscheduled patients and the challenges of maintaining the office day-in and day-out, time is valuable. Medicompts Patient Scheduling Services integrates seamlessly with our medical billing technologies, so when your staff logs into their systems to schedule a patient, that information is automatically mapped to that patient's billing profile. No more calls from the billing service asking for demographic info. No more messy faxes. No more wasted time.


Medicompts deeply experienced team of insurance and coding experts provides physicians with Practice Consulting Services on the most vital areas of their practice. For Medicompts clients, this service is at no additional cost.

As physician clients seek to maximize their receivables, Medicompts Practice Consulting Services ensures that fee schedules are optimized; procedure coding is aligned with each insurance carrier's policies and approval behaviors; and office billing and patient scheduling technologies are utilized as efficiently as possible.


Since 1968, Medicompts has provided ambulance billing services to communities across Massachusetts.

Customizing our billing processes to the unique requirements, policies and goals of each ambulance billing client, Medicompts has consistently delivered on its promise to dozens of communities across Massachusetts: You will do better with Medicompts.


Founded in 1968, Medicompts is a team of deeply experienced medical billing professionals who are obsessed with ensuring that our medical and ambulance billing clients fulfill the potential of their practice or the goals of their community. Because we understand that our clients depend on our ability to maximize their receivables, Medicompts is committed to delivering the very best medical billing, ambulance billing, practice consulting and patient scheduling services possible. As our clients have for nearly 40 years, you will do better with Medicompts.


Medicompts has been collaborating with physicians across Massachusetts and New England for nearly 40 years. Hundreds of physicians have benefited from our dedicated services and our promise to them: You will do better with Medicompts.